1. The personal information collected and how to collect the items

There. The personal information collected items

First, the company membership, seamless customer consultation, the provision of various services and membership for the first time, the following personal information
Are collected.

"When the General Membership>
- Required items: name, social security numbers, alien registration number or passport number (for foreigners only), username and password, check your catechism,
E-mail address, legal representative if the information is less than 14 years
- Optional: phone number

"Ahyipin (i-Pin) for the Web site>
- Required items: name, birth date, gender, ahyipin number, username, password and personal identification Questions and Answers, e-mail address, if you are under 10 014
Attorney information
- Optional: phone number

"Membership in groups identity>
- Required Item: Group ID, Company, Industry, Company President, CEO Phone Number, representatives fax, representative email addresses, group address, the administrator
ID, administrator contact, Manager Department / Position
- Optional: anniversary, representatives Homepage

Second, the process or business process services, such as in the following information may be collected are automatically generated.

- IP Address, cookie, date of visit, service record, bad history in
Third, value-added services and personalized services, or entries in the course of events only to users of its services, such as the following
Information they may collect.

- Add personal information if you receive consent for the collection
Fourth, using paid services such as the billing information in the course of the following may be collected.

- Credit card payments: Card Name, Card Number, etc.
- Mobile phone payment: mobile phone number, carrier, payment authorization number, etc.
- When transfer: Bank name, account number, etc.
- Gift certificates when you use: voucher number

Me. How we collect personal information
Companies in the following ways to collect personal information.

- Website, the written form, fax, phone, consultation forums, email, event entries, baesongyocheong
- Offers from partner companies
- Create tools for collecting information collected through

2. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

There. A contract to provide services in accordance with the implementation and service delivery and settlement of fares
Content providers, offers a personalized service, or billing and shipping mulpumbaesong, authenticate themselves, purchasing and payment fees, collection fees

Me. Membership
Membership services, and limited identification Agents of personal identification, personal identification, bad member "(weeks) IMA child terms Article 20 1 the term Article 11 paragraph 1 No. 1 ~ No. 8 of violation due to the permanent suspension of use, and two anti- Stop by the permanent members gyeyakhaejidoen> Use of anti-fraud and unauthorized use prevention, doctors check up, up and up the number of restrictions, children under 14 years old when collecting personal information, confirm the agreement of the legal guardian, legal representative further identification, dispute resolution for the record-keeping, complaints handling, and complaint handling, delivery notices

All. For new service development and utilization of marketing and advertising
Develop new services and provide personalized service, according to the statistical characteristics and ad services, validation services, event and promotional information and participation opportunities, access frequency identification, statistics on the use of the services

3. Sharing of personal information and provide

The company, users' personal information "2. The purpose of use for the collection of personal information" within the scope of the notified use, and the range without the prior written consent of users to exceed the use or, in principle, open to the outside of your personal information does not. However, if the exception is below.

- If users agreed to disclose in advance
- In accordance with the legislation or regulations for the purpose of the investigation in accordance with established procedures and methods of law enforcement agencies if requested

4. Consignment of Personal Information

In order to improve company services such as personal information under the commission, and charged according to relevant laws and contracts for personal information needs to be managed safely and regulations are.

The center does not foster personal information.

5. Period of possession and use of personal information

As a rule, the personal information collection and use of personal information must immediately destroy the purpose is achieved. However, the following information for the reasons set forth below, during the period are preserved.

There. Information held by the company's internal policy reasons
- By denying history
Conservation reasons: preventing fraud by
Retention period: 1 year
Me. Private information held by the relevant laws and regulations
Electronic Commerce, Consumer Protection Act and other related laws that need to be kept by the provisions of the Company set forth in the relevant laws and membership information is kept for a certain period. In this case, to keep company information is used solely for purposes of the archive retention periods are listed below.

- A written contract or cancellation, etc.
Conservation reasons: the law on consumer protection of e-commerce
Retention period: 5 years
- Payment and records concerning the provision of goods
Conservation reasons: the law on consumer protection of e-commerce
Retention period: 5 years
- Consumer complaints or disputes about the record
Conservation reasons: the law on consumer protection of e-commerce
Retention period: 3 years
- Check your records on
Conservation reasons: the Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act
Retention period: 6 months
- Records of visits
Conservation reasons: Communications Privacy Act
Retention period: 3 months

6. Procedures and how to destroy personal information

As a rule, the personal information collection and use of personal information must immediately destroy the purpose is achieved.
Procedures and how to destroy the company's personal information are as follows.

There. Destruction process
- User information is entered for a membership goal is attained, and then moved to a separate DB (a separate file folders of paper), internal policies and other information protected by laws based on reason (possession and use of reference period) After a period of time saved will be discarded.
- If such personal information is not by law be used for any purpose other than being held does not.
Me. To destroy
- Personal information printed on the paper shredder or by incineration will destroy.
- Personal information stored in the form of electronic files can not play the records are deleted using technical methods.

7. Users and the legal representative of the rights and how those events

- User and the legal representative is registered at any time or concerned their personal information from children under the age of 14, or may modify the query may ask for cancellation.
- User or 10,014 children under the age of the personal information and view or modify the order to 'Change of Personal Information' (or 'Edit Profile', etc.), cancellation (withdrawal of consent) with the "Account" by clicking on the identification procedure After the geochisin direct access, correction or withdrawal is possible.
- Or writing to Privacy Officer, please contact by phone or email to take measures without delay.
- For users to correct errors in personal information is requested before the correction is completed or provide such personal information is not available. Also incorrect personal information is already provided to 3rd parties the results of the correct treatment without delay, notify 3rd party will ensure the correction.
- User or the legal representative of the company revoked or deleted at the request privacy, "5. Possession and use of personal information, the term" as specified in the processing and inspection or other purposes, so that treatment is available.

8. Automatic collection of personal information devices installed and operational matters, and denied

The company provides personalized and customized service to store user information and often invoke 'cookies (cookie)' is used. Cookies are used to operate the Web site server to the user's browser sends a small text file stored on the hard disk of the computer users.

There. The purpose of a cookie using
Users visited (weeks) IMA children for each service and Web site visits and use patterns, popular searches, whether a secure connection, news editing, users can determine the size and optimized to provide information to users is used.

Me. Cookie of the installation / operation and the denial of
- Users have the option to install a cookie can. Therefore, you set up your web browser options to allow all cookies by or through confirmation each time a cookie is stored, or stored, or may reject all cookies.
- However, if you refuse to save cookies that require a login (weeks) to IMA using some services, the child may have difficulty.
- To specify whether to allow the placement of cookies (Internet Explorer only)
① [Tools] menu, click [Internet Options] to select.
② [Privacy tab] click.
③ [Privacy Level] is set up you.

9. Privacy technical / managerial measures to protect

The company, users' personal information to their handling of personal information is lost, stolen, leaked, altered or tampered with to ensure safety to avoid the following technical and administrative measures are taken.

There. Password Encryption
(Note) IMA child ID (ID) of the secret number is encrypted and stored and managed are known only to you, and check and change your personal information with a password known only by the person.

Me. Countermeasures against hacking
Company by hacking or computer viruses, etc. that members' personal information to prevent leakage or damage is committed.
Destruction of personal information against the data to back up often, and using the latest antivirus program, users' personal information or material to prevent leakage or damage, and encrypted communication over the network via a secure transmission of your personal information to be are.
And using intrusion prevention systems to control unauthorized access from outside, and other systems to ensure the security, all possible efforts to harness the technological devices are.

All. Minimize handling and training of staff
The company's personal information, deals with employee representatives on the Limited and is for it a separate password by giving regular updates, and staff for occasional training through the (share) IMA kids privacy policy compliance always has emphasized .

LA. Privacy Task Force operating in
And throughout the house and Privacy Task Force (weeks) IMA kids privacy policy and contact details of the implementation of the compliance check and fix the problem immediately if it finds that are trying to get it right.
However, the user's negligence or problems with internet ID, password, social security numbers and other personal information is leaked about the problems the company is not responsible for any.

10. Personal Information Management Officer and representatives of the Contact

You use the services of the company arising hasimyeo all complaints related to privacy or personal information manager can be reported to the department.
User information about the company's Flag will be happy to answer quickly enough.

Personal information manager Personal information manager

Other Civilian counsel for invasion of privacy if you need, please contact the following organizations.

- Privacy Complaint Center (www.118.or.kr / 118)
- Privacy Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr / 02-580-0533 ~ 4)
- Prosecutor's Office Advanced Criminalistics (http://www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)
- Cyber Terror Response Center (www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330)

11. Other

(Weeks) to IMA children linked websites that collect personal information on behalf of this "(shares), IMA Children Privacy Policy" Please note does not apply.

12. Notice of the obligation to

For the present Privacy Policy added, deleted and modified in the event of at least 7 days prior to the website of 'Notice' will be announced through.

- Publication Date: April 22, 2010
- Effective Date: May 1, 2010